2019/2020 winter series.

Friday October 11th 2019 Tim Howson. Georgian Cottages in the Maldon District, Essex.
Weds November 13th 2019 Philip Venning. Old Buildings: Myths, Mistakes and Oddities.
Weds December 4th 2019 Mark Gardiner. Before the earliest standing timber buildings: archaeological evidence for vernacular houses from the tenth to twelfth centuries.
Fri January 17th 2020 Members Evening. 
Weds February 12th 2020 Alan Metters. Men (and some women) of property in early-modern Kings Lynn. 
Tues March 10th 2020 Borin Van Loon. Ghost Signs.

The venue address is The Diamond Centre, School Lane, Norwich NR7 8TR.
There is plenty of (free) parking and state-of-the-art facilities.
Note this is a new venue for NHBG.

It is close to A1042 Ring Road between B1150 Constitution Hill and A1151 Wroxham Road . Both these roads can be accessed from Northern Distributor Road (aka Broadland Northway). See maps.


Charge for meetings

A charge is made to help defray expenses of £2 per member and £4 for non-members. The charges do not apply to members’ evening in January.  

If you would be interested becoming a member, go to membership page

2018/2019 season talks:

Thursday 4th October 2018: Frances & Michael Holmes ‘Old Courts and Yards of Norwich.’
Wednesday 14th November 2018: Ian McKechnie ‘History of the sash window’.
Friday 7th December 2018: David Bussey ‘Edward Boardman: Changing the face of Norwich’
Thursday 17th January 2019: Members’ evening: a chance for members to introduce their own research or projects. Brian Ayres - Martin, Mathew and a putative lost market. Susan & Michael Brown 3-5 Castle Street, Thetford. 
Wednesday 20th February 2019 Ian Hinton ‘Church Houses’. 
Thursday 21st March 2019 Jenne Pape ‘The Sixhills Project - Lincoln Lane Farm, Lincolnshire’.

Future Programmes

The committee are always looking for ideas for events.  If you have any thoughts, inspirations or would like to present your own work at Members' Evening, please contact:

Winter            Mary Ash (mary.ash@ntlworld.com)

Summer         Dominic Summers (d.summers1@btinternet.com)

For information about events and lectures in previous years.