NHBG Buildings Archive.


The Group has examined a wide range of historic buildings in Norfolk: 315 by the end of 2014. Brief reports of buildings visited are given in the Group’s twice-yearly newsletters and full reports are added to the website. In this way reports become available for others with an interest in the buildings and pursuing lines of research. Reports usually include a plan, some photographs and a written report. The details of the reports vary depending on the amount of information owners are happy to share with the Group..  

The archive is available only to members of NHBG. NHBG Members may apply to Jackie Simpson for a password (Jackie.g.simpson@btinternet.com) to give them access to the reports and enable them to search within them.
There is a guide for using the buildings archive- click here for high resolution version
If you wish to become a member of NHBG download a membership form, and send the completed form to the Membership Secretary.

If you would like NHBG to visit and make a report on your house, please contact Ian Hinton: ian.hinton222@btinternet.com or Lynne Hodge: lynne@walknorfolk.co.uk

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